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Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing

Many IT experts believe that cloud computing is the next big pivotal technology that will revolutionize the IT industry. To understand the concept behind cloud computing, it is basically the utilization of resources in a more efficient and cost effective manner by leveraging infrastructure and technology owned and managed by content and infrastructure experts.

Applications and software need not to be installed on every single computer; instead the application is installed and configured at the host data center (or centers) and the management of that application and infrastructure is the responsibility of the Cloud Computing provider.  Users (or subscribers) no longer run all the CPU or memory heavy applications on their local computers and as a result  you can achieve significant savings in CPU and Memory allocation and utilization.

To illustrate how cloud computing can help your company consider this simple example. Let’s suppose your company has 150 employees and every person requires a computer to work on. If they need to access multiple applications while working this means installing software on every machine. Purchasing software with a legal license and a valid key is quite expensive and could be a huge investment if you consider installing it on every pc for every employee.  As a smart business person your key objective should be to minimize cost while enhancing productivity levels. This is where you could leverage the power of cloud computing. All your employees can log on to the cloud to access the remote application and all its functionality.

Now talking in terms of the technicalities of cloud computing, the cloud computing architecture consists of a frond end and a back end. Both the front and the back end connect to each other via a network, the Internet in most cases. The front end is the client side of the system i.e.  your user’s computer. The back end consists of the servers and storage devices which constitute the ‘Cloud’.  Another major benefit of using Cloud Computing applications is that you no longer need to purchase and manage complex applications.  This saves significantly in personnel and management costs.

When using cloud computing, all applications can be run from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It helps you to reduce your hardware and software costs and can really help your business achieve economies of scale.

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