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A lot has changed since my last post, which incidentally was almost exactly a year ago. I have been reinvented and the changes have been sweeping, significant and monumental!

My entire career to the point about 12 months ago was focused on working in technology for various sized companies, driving IT innovation in an effort to make the company more efficient, profitable and technologically progressive. I had climbed the corporate ladder from the Helpdesk through to Executive IT roles – aggressively staking my claim to these roles with the dream of some day… I guess doing the same thing.

I was losing my drive and feeling unsatisfied with my day to day life. Various new technologies would momentarily tickle my interest and I’d pursue them with vigor and excitement only to get back to this general feeling of dissatisfaction. Luckily I identified this and begun my journey to establish what I needed to do to get the drive back in my life. I say luckily because many people keep trucking through that feeling of dissatisfaction – going through the motions each day without that drive that keeps you challenging yourself.

I went back to basics in an effort to establish what it is I wanted out of life. I’m not just talking about my work life, but my complete life. I’ve got this one shot at life on Earth and it was time for me to time life by the horns and start creating my own destiny.

Through a long and varied process (which I would love to tell anyone that has interest about), I determined I did not want to be bound by an IT Executive role where I was living and working in a major city and spending hours each day commuting. Rather, I wanted to be in a small city – where community was important and I could make an impact.

Luckily, the other significant finding on my journey was that I wanted to be a small business owner. I wanted to create something, to spend my time working on something that I was personally invested in – something that was going to be around for a long time.

Fast forward one year, and here I am. I own and run two businesses and am living in a small community. This is only the very beginning of the journey, but I feel like I am finally on the track I was intended to be on. My experiences working for corporations has been extremely valuable and I learned a lot about what it takes to run a business from my interactions with executive teams.

Now I’m my own executive team and am excited about all the different roles I get to play. Obviously, there is so much to learn and not being in a big corporate office, surrounded by incredibly talented individuals is challenging – but it’s the new challenges that grow you as a person and I’m so excited about the future.

My blog will be taking a new direction now – I’m still a technologist and will always be, but I plan to start writing more about my adventures about running small businesses and how best to leverage technology in that role.

I’m very excited about where things are going and I hope that I can help out future small business owners, especially those making the migration from the big corporate world, to that of the isolated small business!

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